Quick Dungeons and Dragons

30/10/2003:I just started work on the interpreter while Jeff handles the main project(Player creation, DM, etc.). I could really use some suggestions on the language, if I don't get suggestions it might just end up like assembley ;)

19/10/2003:I just got done with Version 0.2. It's mainly just compiler error fixes and such, and no it's still not usable. So please help anyway you can i.e. sending me some suggestions for the code or features for it, download it HERE. P.S. I could really use a skilled web designer as you may be able to tell:)

08/10/2003:Just started on this page. Pretty cheap so far huh?


Quick Dungeons and Dragons was originally a little project I started on, but I had so many ideas it got to hard for me to make alone. The whole idea behind QD-D is to make an easy internet RPG. The main difference between this and other RPG's is that the DM can be an AI. Map making for the AI is easy with the interpreted language DMaps, which is a basic language to control how the AI does things while in the game.